(i) Television
(ii) Radio
(iii) Newspaper
(iv) Billboard
(v) Magazine
(vi) Cinema

(i) It provides an edge for the company’s product in the competitive market
(iii) It boosts the business image of the company and strengthen the quality of its brand
(iv) It stimulates the company’s sales thereby increasing profit

(i) Nature of the product
(ii) Cost of the service
(iii) Speed of Transport
(iv) Safety and security of the products.

2a) Primary product attributes are essential in providing a solution to a specific problem the customer seeks to resolve and does often identify an object or an event as a specific product or service. All attributes that are not essential to solve the customer’s problem are secondary product attributes.

2aii) Market facilitation is the planning and practice of making sure that there are a range of providers and types of support available for supported people to choose from. A Market Union is the coming together of various traders who sell similar. commodities or products in a particular market to advance and protect the interests of its members

2b) advertising agencies – ADVERTISING market research firms- Making surveys in markets transportation firms – TRANSPIRATION SERVICES warehousing firms- In charge of warehouse managements..

(i)Consumer buying is where the final consumer buys goods and services for the personal consumption. While organizational buying involves purchasing goods and services to produce another good with the intention of reselling it.
(ii)Decision usually made by individuals while organization decision frequently made by several people
(iii)individual purchase may make quick decision while organization purchase may engage in lengthy decision process
(iv)consumers purchase for individual or house hold consumption while organization purchase made for some purpose other than personal consumption.

(i)Organizational Factors
(ii)Inter-personal factors
(iii)Individual buyers characteristics/individual factors: I

(ii)Organizational Factors: Organizational factors are internal factor affecting buying decision. Every purchasing organization has certain objectives and goals, well accepted producer and system for purchasing, and an appropriate organizational structure. These factors directly and indirectly influence its purchase decision.

(ii)Inter-personal factors: Industrial buying decisions are normally collective and also as per the procedures decided. The buying center involves several individuals with different formal authority, status and persuasiveness. Buying center consists of individuals of the organization concerned with purchase decision process. They share the risk arising out of it. They also have a common goal.

(iii)Individual buyers characteristics/individual factors: In the final analysis, individual factors play an important role in buying decision. The other factors (environmental, organizational, etc.) are important but individuals concerned with purchase decision are equally important. A supplier needs to have complete details of all individuals involved in the purchase decision process.



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