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[07/12, 10:27] CODEDBOSS: QUESTION 4

i. Staking is the practice of driving a stake or rod into the ground close to a plant to provide support for its stems.

ii. Hardening off is a term used to refer to the processes necessary for a plant to become acclimated to its environment. In the spring, it’s common practice to gradually accustom greenhouse vegetable seedlings to full sunlight and drying winds before planting them.

iii. earthing up or ridging is the technique in agriculture and horticulture of piling soil up around the base of a plant. It can be done by hand (usually using a hoe), or with powered machinery, typically a tractor attachment.

[07/12, 10:39] CODEDBOSS: Agric Science essay-www.codedfans.com.ng
(i)they carry out research to improve or develop breeds of Animals.
(ii) extension project are founded and funded by them
(iii) provide basic amenities e;g water, feeder roads
(iv)they provide chemicals for the control of weeds and insect

(i) expensive to practice
(ii)land problem
(iii)poor storage facilities
(iv)pests and disease attack
(v)it causes pollution
(vi)it leads to unemployment because machines are used

This is the removal of tree

(i)cause erosion
(ii)leads to loss of nutrients
(iii)exposure the soil to sunlight
(iv)reduce water percolation rate
(v)reduce the amount of rainfall
(vi)reduce wild life population

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