[08/12, 10:26] CODEDBOSS: (8a)
(i) No interest in registration of voters.
(ii). Ignoring electoral activities.
(iii) Ignoring elections.
(iv) Showing no interest in protecting the electoral process.
(v) .Showing no political position.

(i) Inculcating civic values.
(ii) Establishing corrupt free electoral body that would act as an impartial umpire in
the electoral process.
(iii)Independent/non-partisan judiciary.
(iv)Encouraging popular participation in elections.
(v)Defending the fundamental human rights of citizens.
(vi)Making leaders accountable to the people who elected them.
[08/12, 10:26] CODEDBOSS: (3a)
i. peaceful situation and environment coupled with the abilities of uniting the community members together.

ii. Enhancement Of Security: It is the duty of a positive inter-communal relationship to enhance and ensure stable security consciousness in their communities. This will help to remove the fear of violence, war of any kind between the communities involved.

iii. Promotion Of Intercommunal/Tribal Marriage: A responsible intercommunal relationship will promote tribal marriage by allowing the citizens and community members to marry from their neighbouring communities. This will enhance willingness for the communities to give out the hands of their sons and daughters in marriage with each other.

iv. Promotion Of Political Development: A positive intercommunal relationship promotes political development of different kinds and ensures that concerned communities participate in issues related to political enhancement in their various communities.

v. Promotion Of Economic Progress: A responsible and positive intercommunal relationship will enhance peaceful atmosphere and strategies for each other business like inter-marketing strategies, inter-agriculture strategies etc.

vi. Promotion Of Government Programmes And Policies.
[08/12, 10:26] CODEDBOSS: (4)
(i) Investigation of drug-related crimes: The primary task of the NDLEA is to regularly find measures and means of finding out drug-related crimes which are the cultivation, trading and use of narcotic drugs and substances.

(ii) Enforcing drug law: There are several units outside the NDLEA with the responsibility of enforcing rules and regulations regarding drugs in the Nigerian constitution. The job of the NDLEA is to partner with these other agencies so as to enact drug laws.

(iii) Destroying narcotic plants and substances: The agency many times has to start from the root problem, the cultivation of hard drugs. The agency has the power to destroy narcotic plants and trees. By doing this, the agency will succeed at stifling the demands for these substances.

(iv) Partnering with international agencies to fight drug trafficking: Though a federal agency, the agency has international obligations. Its role is to oversee all drug-related affairs both within and outside Nigeria and enforce international drug laws.

(v) Leading in efforts related to drug-related researches: The agency serves as a technical and scientific unit in studies and experiments related to the use of narcotic substances. Since new substances are being adapted to form illegal substances, the NDLEA has a leading role to play in gathering these activities.

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