A —> sickle
B —> hoe
C —> egg tray
D —> feeding trough

A —> it is use for harvesting grains
B—> it is used for clearing bushes

(i)It is used for arranging eggs
(ii)It is use for feeding chicken

(i)Wash clean and rinse after usage
(ii)Ensure it is properly arranged.
(iii)Sun dry at regular intervals


(i)Bucket type
(ii)Beaker type

(iii)Bowl type

I —> tick
J —> round worm

Spec I
I —> possession of limb
II —> possession or antennae

Spec J
Æ(i)Possession of segmented body
(ii)Possession of thorax

Spec I
(ii)—> dog

Spec J
(i) —> man
(ii) —> pig

Spec I
(i)Use of natural enemy
(ii)Spray with insecticide

Spec J
(i)Use of insecticide
(ii)spray with str


(i)It helps in decompositions of organic material in soil


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