[19/02, 14:46] CODEDBOSS: Biology Obj
[19/02, 14:46] CODEDBOSS: (NUMBER 1)

Excretion is the process by which the body of human beings gets rid of or remove unwanted metabolic wastes e.g. urine, bile, carbon (iv) oxide, etc.

(i)Excess carbon (iv) oxide an urea are poisonous in the body
(ii)Excess Salt has to be remove to keep the blood salinity constant.
(iii)Excess water has to be removed to regulate the volume of fluid in the body
(iv) waste products make one feel uncomfortable and therefore should be removed

(pick two)
(i) Whole grains
(ii) Corn
(iii) Cereals

(i)Carbohydrates provide the body with glucose, which is converted to energy used to support bodily functions and physical activity.

(pick two)
(i) meat
(ii) fish
(iii) dairy
(iv) lentils
(v) beans,

(pick one)
(i)Growth and Maintenance: Your body needs protein for growth and maintenance of tissues.
(ii)Provides Structure: Some proteins are fibrous and provide cells and tissues with stiffness and rigidity.


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