Sign in is the process of gaining access to a computer system or software application, typically by entering a username and password, after which the system recognizes and validates the user’s identity.

A search engine is a software system designed to carry out web searches, which means to search the World Wide Web in a systematic way for particular information specified in a textual web search query.

Figure 1; illustrates the sequential file access method, where records are organized and accessed one after the other in a sequential manner. This is like reading a book page by page.

Figure 2; depicts the direct or random access file method. In this method, records or files can be accessed in any order, independently of each other, similar to choosing a track to play on a CD without going through the previous tracks.

(i)Data cable is a type of cable used to transfer data between devices, such as computers, smartphones, printers, and other peripherals.

(ii)Data cable is a physical medium used to establish a connection between electronic devices for the purpose of transmitting data signals.

(i)USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable
(ii)HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable
(iii)Ethernet cable
(iv)VGA (Video Graphics Array) cable
(v)DisplayPort cable
(vi)Thunderbolt cable
(vii)SATA (Serial ATA) cable

Bus speed affects data transfer within a computer system. A faster bus speed means data moves quickly between components, enhancing overall system performance, while a slower bus speed leads to delays and reduced performance.

Register: Register refers to a small, high-speed storage area within the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of a computer. registers play a crucial role in storing and manipulating data.

Address: Address refers to a unique identifier assigned to a specific memory location within a computer’s memory hierarchy.
A file in computer terms refers to a collection of data or information that is stored under a specific name on a storage device.

A record is a collection of related fields that are usually treated as a single unit of information. In the context of databases, a record represents a single entry that contains multiple pieces of information about one entity.

A field is a single piece of information; it is a basic element of data storage that has a specific meaning and context. Fields are used to construct records, where each field in a record typically holds one piece of information relevant to the record.

(i)The student’s ID number
(ii)Date of birth
(iii)Emergency contact information.

To edit a field in a student’s record, one would generally need to open the database application and navigate to the record in question. Next, they would locate the specific field that requires editing and enter the new information. After making the necessary changes, they would save the updated record to ensure that the edits are retained.

(i)Microsoft Access


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